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Author Topic: Travel distance regulator with standard washer rings setup 4x4  (Read 4290 times)


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Hello everybody,

Due the inconsistent behavior of my standard cricket in .22 cal I have decided to try to find the cause.  First gathering all the information I could find on internet, youtube AND of course this nice forum.

When I bought it it was doing 276ms/906fps with JSB 16 grain pellets, the same power output as my other PCP rifles.. cool.
The reason I bought the cricket was for it's famous regulator performance.  3ms/10fps ES on a shotstring.. wow. Kinda dissapointed when my ES turned out to be 10ms/33fps and sometimes more..
Well maybe it needs to settle in.  Eventually did 7 100 meter competitions with the gun.  First competition was OK but have had better scores with my BSA R10.  From the second match till the end of the season it went downhill. In the beginning occasional drops by 20cm/8 inch at 100m (benchrest) later serveral drops during 30 shots.

What I already tried was replacing the standard spring with a shorter and more powerful one.  Same behavior.

Noticed during the season that the airtube sometimes "bleeds" fluid out of the breathing holes, in the beginning more at the fill probe side and later more at the valve side.  Something wasn't right in there.  Time to open up and look what makes here tick (or not :) )
Thanks to Ernest Rowe's youtube video's I found the courage to start dismantel the airtube  :)
And boy what did I find there.  Looked like during assembly they literally threw in "a handfull of grease" before closing the airtube!  Cleaned it, opened the regulator (yes I measured it all :) ) and what do you expect ... full of grease, all the washer rings full of it.  Read that they should not be greased to work properly so cleanded them. While all was open replaced the o-rings.

Now comes the strange part.  According to Ernest the washers need the be setup in 4 sets like this: (())(())(())(())  ok for the first 3 sets, last set in my regulator contains 5 washers like this: (()))  Read a post on the Tallon forum where Ernest said he serviced dozens of regulators, always seen setup 4 sets of 4 washers and one day he found one like mine 5 washers at the end.  I want to leave out the 5th washer but now my measuring of the plastic "stop"-screw is "useless" because the regulator will travel further before reaching the plastic tip and stopping the airflow.

Does anybody know the travel distance of the regulator before it hits the plastic screw and stops the unregulated airflow with the default 4x4 washer ring setup? I want to set the regulated air at around 125-130bar (default?) to be able to reach 880-890fps/268-271ms.



Cricket .22 + Hawke TAC 8.5-25x42


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Re: Travel distance regulator with standard washer rings setup 4x4
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2014, 09:52:26 AM »

 Register on the talon airgun forum
You will get all the advice you need over there..


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Re: Travel distance regulator with standard washer rings setup 4x4
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2014, 05:07:20 AM »

I would take a measurement of the thickness of all 9 washers, then remove 1 and subtract the difference from your total length measurement.

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Re: Travel distance regulator with standard washer rings setup 4x4
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2014, 01:19:00 AM »

Would love to hear if cleaning out the reg will cure your problems.

While you have it open, if you haven't already, you should polish the reg washers and stem with autosol or equivalent, this is also something Ernest recommends to improve consistency.

There is a rough table of reg measurements that corresponds to different pressures at Talon forum, but it's a very crude method to set the reg by. You will want to confirm with chronograph.


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Re: Travel distance regulator with standard washer rings setup 4x4
« Reply #4 on: September 01, 2015, 01:26:54 PM »

Can you help me to know that I do not know about it.
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